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Artist: Lady D & The Set It Off Band
Title: Cougar Woman
Label: Jamstone Records
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Lady D & The Set It Off Band is creating a new standard in southern soul and blues. Lady D, "The Grande Dame" of the Blues is a strong blues belter with a band that punctuates every throbbing utterance of being a Cougar Woman.

Artist: Barbara Lynn
Title: I'm Still The Same (Your Good Thing)
Label: Jamstone Records
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All "guitar girls" of rock, soul, r&b come after Barbara Lynn. She is the pioneer of today's female musicians everywhere, being dubbed "Rock & Soul's First Female Guitarist." She has had several #1 hits and has received several awards for pioneering, achievements and inspiration. She has been covered by names such as Aretha Franklin, Carla Thomas and The Rollingstones. She is back, this Queen of Gulf Coast Soul, a Northern Soul Icon with another classic performance.

Artist: F IV Band
Title: The Beginning
Label: JC/DC'S
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At the offset, "Sugar the Bassman" was affectionately known as "Sugarbaby." He was accepted by "The Six Degrees South Band," only and only after obtaining his high school diploma as required by the band. From that day forward, Glenn S.B. Davis had two life altering graduations. One, the esteem of achieving a diploma from high school and the other, a vault into the professional music world. Over the next few year, he honed his craft and learned many musical styles. By the time he reached Hollywood, his proficiency on bass earned him a place beside the greats of Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Louis Johnson and Verdine White. That was then (almost) and this is now (almost.) This never-ending loop of music, colliding with genres, generations and taste, has been quite an excursion of time travel which has come full circle. Though rooted in funk, "Sugar" expands his horizons in the world of rock n' roll. He formed the F-IV Band just for this journey.

Artist: The Six Degrees South
Title: Loving You Is Too Far Out
Label: Fryer Mantis Records
Jazzman Records
This group is probably one of the most widely traveled, widely heard unknown groups in the world. A band of serious Funkateers who have shared stages with the elite of the elite, crossing musical genres and boundaries. They have shared stages with Jean Carne, Boston, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Chaka Khan & Rufus, The Isley Brothers, Shalamar, Tavares, Rufus Thomas, Barbara Lynn, Millie Jackson, The Brothers Johnson, B.T. Express, Frank Lucas, Brick, The Drifters, Blue Magic, Shabba Doo & The Lockers. The won equal acclaim when they played at the CBS Family Affair alongside Earth Wind & Fire. They performed at New York's Rialto Theatre, The Apollo and toured East and West Germany. They performed for the premier of Rudy Ray Moore's, Petey Wheatstraw - The Devil's Son-In-Law at Chicago's Regal Theatre. This movie also feature the band Clyde Nem & Her in which the group did several club engagements with in Colorado Springs, CO. Under the tutelage of Nashville's Buddy Killen and CBS/Epic Records' executives, "The Six Degrees South" transformed into The Second Resurrection more so known as The Joe Tex Show Band. They played, wrote and produced-in-part Joe Tex's "Bumps And Bruises" album with the mega hit, "Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)" which won a Grammy nomination and was #86 on Billboard's 1978 year-end chart.

The Six Degrees South's deep funk anthem "Loving You Is Too Far Out" is commonly acknowledged as a masterpiece of its genre. Not just for the amazing drumming, the sultry vocals, or the doom-laden horns - but because they pulled off what so many R&B groups of the early 70's tried (and failed) to do... they combined the sinister "end is near" dark psychedelia of the late 60's, with the funkiness and dance floor punch of early 70's street funk - creating a weaponised hybrid brand of funk that sounds fresh and exciting where it's component parts can seem dated and tiresome. To read Lois Block's lyric "my pants are just a part of me" on paper suggests a cash-in novelty tune of the era, but contrasted with the stark and relentless funk of the backing track it becomes absolutely transportational.

A nomadic group, spending most of the 70's playing one-nighters at military bases and residencies at ski lodges (!) with no real home-base - the band had previously been classed as impossible to locate. Funk DJ's and collectors had been on their trail for over a decade when a chance phone call in 2009 found a member living in Atlanta. Which brings us to the legitimately licensed and uber-anticipated reissue of the genre-defining deep funk jewel, here at long last it's the Six Degrees South.

Artist: Frank Lucas
Title: American Bluester
Label: Jamstone Records
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Don't Be Fooled. Frank Lucas, by title is a "Dirty Ol' Man," "The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling," but most importantly he's the original "Good Thing Man." That "77" hit was one of the few songs of its time and genre which sold a million copies. It is still playing daily, keeping it current on the "oldies" stations nationwide. Frank returned with the award winning "The Man With the Singing Ding-A-Ling' in the "From Out of Left Field" category of the Southern Soul R&B Music Awards. Now, Frank Lucas solidifies his prominence with "Don't Put Out The Fire" from the forthcoming CD, "American Bluester."

Artist: Mr. Flamboyant
Title: A Lone Warrior
Label: Face Off Records
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A native of the ATL, Mr. Flamboyant's biggest influence in music was his mother, a background vocalist for Curtis Mayfield. His Uncle, William Guest of Gladys Knight and the PIPS tutored him about the industry and his step-father, a drummer with legendary artists James Brown and Aretha Franklin taught him to program a drum machine at a mere 10 years of age. He went on to produce tracks for some of the ATL's leading Hip Hop artists and of course carried over the the musical traits of artists you still hear today along with old school representation. Mr. Flamboyant has overcome the drama of streetlife and is now on a different path in creating a positive lifestyle for himself and others through music.

Artist: Carlos Kane
Title: How Many Times
Label: Jamstone Records
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He has been an entertainer and songwriter for more than a third of his life. Standing against the R&B traditions established back in the day of Stax and Hi Records is an awesome thought in itself. Memphian Carlos Kane holds it down with a new era appeal. The dance inspired "How Many Times" and "Let Me" are expected to make an undeniable impact in the music industry. The title "My Wifey" speaks for itself. The ladies love it. Expect national attention to this artist as he expands his musical horizons. There is a lot more to come. When he hits the stage - he is doing what he enjoys the most.

Artist: Frank Lucas
Title: Dancing & Romancing
Label: Jamstone Records
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Remember the catch diddy "Mmm Mmm Good" and one can turn to the year of 1977 when Frank Lucas turned his musical heart and soul out to all the women of the world in a title tune "The Good Thing Man." This single sold over a million copies. Unfortunately, TGTM and Frank Lucas were never visualized as the same person. TGTM became the female listener's fantasy man, while Frank Lucas remained committed to turn our an array of better songs, inspiring such tunes as "Don't Put Out The Fire, Vernon Garrett's, "Crossroads," and Margie Evans,' Good Thing Queen. That was yesteryear. Today, Frank Lucas and TGTM are united, but this time he's looking for "Juicy Love, Juicy Girls from this current album, "Dancing and Romancing."

Artist: Terrordome
Title: Mydnyght Creep
Label: Jamstone Records
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Creating a new genre, Horror-Crunk, DA TERRORDOME is off da chainsaw. This is a dirty south Halloween classic. Be wary boiz and ghouls - you can get your thriller on with this hit.

Artist: Ten Up
Title: Untouched Territory
Label: Mar-Kel Records
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Artist: Gina Renay
Title: I Feel Fabulous
Label: Jamstone Records
Now available from CD Baby 

Artist: Various
Title: Starbreakers Presents: ATL The Corner Of Rhythm & Bling
Label: Jamstone Records/Mar-kel Records
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A compilation of ATL's finest up-and-coming artists. Check our own from Diddy's "Makin the Band" contestant LAVONTAE. A songtress with an armload of new soul. The newest phenomena is MA'NOTIC's "Big Girl" in which the world's plus size and full figured ladies are downloading this song and putting it up on YouTube. Ladies are also crazy about Memphian CARLOS KANE.

Artist: Frank Lucas
Title: Dirty Ol' Man
Label: Jamstone Records
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Frank Lucas needs no introduction-simply-a reconnect with a faithful audience. He is definitely back and by popular demand, is back with the million seller hit, the original "Good Thing Man." The titles are self explanatory and need no interpretation. Listen and enjoy.

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