this Registration and the Release Agreement,  fill them out and send with payment to the address below.


IMPORTANT: Recording artists - music must be clean - No cursing - No "N" words/ must have radio edit version and suitable for family television viewing/ 5 minute maximum time limit.
Please bring two (2) copies of CD to insure sound quality. One in which we keep.

The Ultimate Showcase

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Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

City: _________________________ State_________ Zip Code____________

Tel#:__________________________ Alternate#_________________________

E-Mail Address:______________________________________________________

Single Registration $20.00 Group Registration $35.00

If is artist is singed to a Recording Agreement through the facilities of STARBREAKERS, STARBREAKERS is due a finders fee.

Check the appropriate category:

___R&B Singer ___Rapper ___Spoken Word ___Gospel Singer

___Dancer(troupe) ___Model(troupe) ___Group

Company Sponsor and/or Merchandise Label Table:____________$100.00

Label CD Release Party:___$100.00 (includes performance/TV interview

What are the services your product needs?
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