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People In The Industry * Promoting The Industry
Membership Has Its Priviledges
(770) 702-0499

Tv-47 is a web based television station providing informative and educational programming for professionals, and enthusiasts within the television broadcast and video production community. Programming includes the latest industry news, equipment demonstrations, new products, and related news highlights in Atlanta, GA and New York City.  Go now...

Studio rental space for parties, trade shows, TV production and videos. Call: (770) 702-0499 for appt.

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Visibility and recognition are essential in the development of an independent artist. We have combined a strategic alliance of producers, promoters, vendors and entertainment packagers to assist recording artists who wish to circumvent the traditional road to stardom. We now have the opportunity and access of technology to develop a potent alternative to existing content-creation and distribution systems.

Starbreakers, a multi-dimensional vehicle, provides a digital convergence, combining TV, radio and film through webcasting and streaming design. Traditional media systems no longer serve as a primary source for people to discover new artist and songs.

There is a new generation of artists and listeners born into the age of television and the internet. The reality is, the industry is morphing to the point that it will hardly be recognized according to the standards we previously have experienced. In this digital economy, the internet changes the dynamics and the formula. In fact, cable TV, satellite radio and internet usage, particularly for younger audiences, are the primary choice of media outlets. Provided is a dramatic new way of approaching the music business.

A coordinated special events program designed as a music industry newtwork affair, supersized into an expo, seminar, career fair and showcase of emerging artists. This is an open invitation to all companies to meet industry contacts in a business-to-business atmosphere, to have a CD release party, preview concert and tour kickoff. Provided will also be label tables to display its products, brochures, autograph signings and most importantly, sell its merchandise.

(Nothing Else Works)
N.E.W. has been established for the purpose of educating and assisting small labels in obtaining a foothold/traction in the Music/Recording Entertainment Industry. As these member labels learn how to support their artists, and their artists' releases, they will develop a track record and gain a positive reputation within the industry. This will be accomplished by using our in-house and collaborated services.
Weapons Of Mass Instruction

This is the return of the radio show. This free form radio program contains an underground hip hop mix show, favorite artists dropping by and hours of unpredictability. Program airs on the internet(Live365), public radio, college radio syndications and remotes. Added songs will be put in rotation which will enhance that crucial buzz, increase sales and draw a larger fan base. The concept of radio showcasing unsigned artists seems to be catching on.
A 4 Million Listening Data Base

This television program airs your performances from the showcase in various markets on cable television and worldwide internet exposure. It is also one of the first outlets which will air your independent video. Its "ripple" effect will provide viewing of your performance over and over again, long after the showcase is over. It will provide an artist that extra "visibility boost" through the programs audio/visual impact and focused programming.
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised * It Will Be Webcast

Live entertainmentevents have been successful campaigns not only in product recognition, but in product sales. Once your product has gained a track record, member artists will now have the opportunity to not only do radio promotions, but paid shows in regions where your product is in demand. Your internet global fame will also increase opportunities for overseas tours, presently in 3 to 6 week increments.

This is where indie labels connect. Get the same access to major chains, one-stops and internet/web music superstores. Until an offer is made by a major label, you can maintain artistic control of your career and make an effective share of your sales. This process gives you creative engagement and global fame versus only breaking your local market.

The Force Behind The Glory
9,000,000 Data Base And Growing

To be put in the proper project please follow closely:
Send all products to: STARBREAKERS
Attn: Content Director
P.O. Box 590 Duluth, GA 30096

Demo Nation: Online Portfolio for unsigned artists. Provide pic, bio, mp3 snippet of 1 minute
Indepedent Release: provide album cover, bio, mp3snippet of 1 minute, present distribution and promotion info
Nu Pro Tour: provide pic, bio, mp3 snippet of 1 minute, CD, song list and current tour engagements 
Mix CD DVD Project: Send CD and have performing act together

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